What is Grief?

Grief is the process that we go through in reaction to a loss we have experienced

Grief, or the grieving process relates to the feelings that we experience after we suffer the loss of something or someone that we care about.

Grief following the loss of a person is what takes place after a bereavement.

Other examples of loss in which we may go through a grieving process could be the loss of a relationship, or a job, parts of ourselves such as hair or sense of self if we do not feel heard or even a house if we moved.

We tend to grieve, as things have changed, era's have ended and we may feel that something has been left behind.

The depth of grief that we feel, directly relates to the value we placed on the person or situation that we have lost.

The grief that we feel after losing someone that we love or in fact if we are terminally ill and are anticipating leaving behind people that we love, can be the most powerful feelings of grief that we can experience, at times it can feel overwhelming.

It is important to know that this is a process, a process that we must allow, not try to rush through, this can take time, and that is ok.

Allowing ourselves to feel our grief is important.

It is not helpful to compare ourselves to others as each person's journey through grief is different, we are individual people who's life experiences, depth of relationship and preferences are different and so our experience of grieving will also be different. There is no set way to grieve and however each individual chooses to work through their own process is ok.