What is Bereavement?

"Bereavement is the loss of someone that we love"

Bereavement is often a very distressing experience as it means that we have lost someone that we love. Unfortunatley it is a common experience and at some point the majority of us will lose a person that we feel close to.

Death is not something that we think about everyday, maybe because it is easier not to think about death when we are too busy living, and so someone who is close to us losing their life can come as a shock, regardless of the circumstances.

It can feel like a very difficult time, often we have not spent time beforehand understanding the process of bereavement, how me might feel and how to accept our feelings.

Feelings can feel intense and so it can be difficult to know what is normal and difficult to come to terms with the loss that we may feel, suddenly are reality can be learning to cope with the loss that we are having to face as reality.

I saw this quote some time ago in a book I was researching:

"Bereavement is the loss of a life, but it is not the end of a relationship"

For me, working with people who are facing the loss of someone that they love, I found it really spoke to me. We may lose the person that we love, but it is not the end of the relationship we have with them, that lives on and will go some way to explaining why our feelings at times of loss are so intense.