Counselling for Children

I am a qualified children's counsellor and I am able to work with children from the age of four. I work with children who may have a close family member or friend who is ill pre bereavement, and I also work with children who have lost a family member or friend. Loss however, does not have to come through death, maybe a child has experienced feelings of loss through divorce or separation or been through other difficult situations such as experiencing bullying.

Children feel grief and loss too, the saying "If your old enough to love you are old enough to grieve" is very true.

Counselling for children, offers a safe, non judgemental space for self expression away from the pressure of home or school life.

I use different techniques within the sessions adapting to the child that I am working with. Every child is different and I use the best techniques for each child as an individual to encourage expression of difficult feelings. Techniques used are dependant on the child's developmental age and personal situation.

I use talking therapy, play therapy such as toys, sand are creative art, as well as creative exercises exploring self.

Counselling especially through early intervention can help a child to build resilience to emotional issues such as, bereavement, anxiety and panic disorders, depression, bullying, self harm, attachment issues and low self esteem. Early invention often prevents emotional issues at a young age developing into chronic problems into adolescence and adulthood.

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