Commitment and investment in you

At present its promoted quite heavily within society for individuals to significantly invest in improving their long term physical health. While its become more widely acceptable to talk openly about issues with emotional or mental health its seems less common to place the same degree of acknowledgement or investment into looking after our mind in the same way that we do our physical body as a prevention or even a cure to poor emotional health or the experiencing of difficult times.

This seems baffling when we consider that everything starts with a thought and the thought is generated from the mind, not the physical body. I suppose it's a bit like lifting weights to improve our physical self, building resilience in the mind improves our mental health and overall resilience to coping when life events such as bereavement, divorce or redundancy can take us by surprise.

One way of building such resilience is counselling or talking therapies during times of emotional distress or even just to build self awareness and resilience when life seems to be going ok. It can still benefit us massively to work out ourselves our values and our ways of coping.

Counselling offers a safe space with a therapist who has no bias or judgement as they are not known to the client, their friends or family.

The space is yours to explore anything you need to or to express difficult or distressing emotions in a environment where it is ok and there is a trained specialist there to support you.

The process is simple, the long term benefits and resilience gained from can be massive however, to gain from the process there must be a commitment to invest in you.

The counselling journey is not like waving a magic wand and everything is ok, often the trigger to attend is a difficult period currently or a past experience which is negatively affecting an ability to cope in the present moment. Often there is no way to take an eraser and rub out significant or negative life events or experiences, but we all have the ability to make the decision that we may need support and to work with what we have.

Counselling can feel difficult at times as the process will require an individual to confront difficult emotions or revisit situations where such emotions may surface once again. This can provoke anxiety and takes strength and courage. It is at these points it's easy to think that it is too hard and to give up, but this is precisely the time to continue and you will not be alone.

Commitment and investment to attend counselling and work through difficult times requires you to place value on yourself and what you need right now to work out the right way for you.