Welcome to My Goodbye

Saying goodbye at anytime in life is not easy, especially if that goodbye involves someone or something that you love dearly or feel very attached to.

This can be a difficult path to navigate and difficult to navigate alone, however, it is not a process that you have to go through alone.

Saying goodbye, typically can bring thoughts and worries about the future, difficult feelings can surface, it may feel hard  to communicate with others, especially those closest to you. This can create a strong sense of isolation or feeling alone.

My motivation to create My Goodbye came from my own experiences of loss and my subsequent therapeutic work within a hospice environment, which I continue still today.

My name is Michelle and I am a Registered Qualified Therapeutic Counsellor who specialises in supporting client's through Bereavement, Grief and Terminal diagnosis.

I can offer professional counselling and psychotherapy for pre breavement, post bereavement and to those who are facing a terminal diagnosis.

To make a referral please call 07596 288308

Or email on mygoodbyecounselling@gmail.com